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PURE CINNAMON EXPORTS (PVT) LTD was established in 2021 to be different, to provide consumers both Sri Lankan and overseas, a range of premium quality Ceylon Cinnamon value added products which are unblended with Cassia varieties prominent in international markets. We firmly believe that it is only by using the best quality Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, the highest processing standards and the latest technology, that our consumers will be able to fully derive the goodness of Ceylon Cinnamon with regard to its medicinal properties as well as holistic wellness.

Keeping our consumers in mind, we have acquired strict international quality and food safety standards, including ISO 22000: 2018 on Food Safety Management Systems, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We are proud to be amongst the first few companies to obtain the protected Geographical Indication (GI) trade mark for cinnamon in Sri Lanka. These efforts encompass the entire supply chain from plantation ownership, processing, product development, packaging to shipping. Within a short period of time, Pure Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd has become one of the most innovative companies in the Cinnamon Industry of Sri Lanka, investing in research, development and acquisition of related intellectual property rights.

We also work closely with government authorities and institutions along with private sector organizations to keep abreast of the latest research and technology in the fields of cultivation, processing, value addition and product development. For us, improving income levels and living standards of the cinnamon growing community in Sri Lanka is a fundamental corporate objective.


We recognize the importance of this community to the local economy and are committed to supporting its growth and development. Cinnamon community at Batapola and the greater Galle District is our immediate focus in this regard. We conduct training programs, working with industry experts and consultants, designed to expose members of the cinnamon community to modern methodologies, spanning from cinnamon cultivation, peeling, processing to manufacturing. We believe that upgraded skills of our employees and the larger community will result in upgrading their living standards. Our programs include both theoretical and practical training sessions, allowing participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the standards and methodologies they need to follow to give the best of the products that satisfy discerning consumers. We promote honesty, integrity, fairness, trustworthiness, accountability, and respect for others in our work places. We take the lead in helping local community to organize themselves as a formal group to ensure that small growers and local cinnamon community directly benefit from national and global initiatives.

At Pure Cinnamon, women employees take the lead in an industry usually dominated by men. We apply conducive, flexible working hours in our operations to ensure that the workers remain physically fit and mentally happy. Empowered by enhanced skill levels and treated with respect at our work places and by the larger community, our women employees are our pride. 

We conduct our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in silence. We do not advertise such activities out of respect for the beneficiaries of such efforts. Our community is our focus. During natural calamities like heavy rain and floods or during economic crisis, we select worthy recipients in our immediate community, regardless of whether they are our employees or not, for support.  


Pure Cinnamon® is a combination of a few experts who have excelled in their fields of cinnamon production / engineering, international finance and marketing.


Pure Cinnamon® aims to

  • Be among the most innovative Cinnamon Zeylanicum exporters in Sri Lanka.

  • Increase value addition encompassing the entire supply chain from plantation ownership, processing, packaging to shipping,

  • Form mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses and consumers based on trust, adherence to strict quality compliance and customer satisfaction.

  • Conduct training and improve income levels and living standards of the cinnamon growing community in Sri Lanka.


Pure Cinnamon® applies strict quality and food safety practices to comply with requirements of European and North American as well as other high-end markets. The products conform to international standards stipulated by Food And Agriculture Organization Committee on Food Additives and the World Trade Organization Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, documented under reference number G/SPS/GEN/597, G/SPS/W/187 and G/SPS/GEN/716.


Pure Cinnamon® works closely with the Sri Lanka Standard Institution, Department of Export Agriculture, Export Development Board, Industry Technology Institute and National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority of Sri Lanka forming appropriate public private partnerships.

Pure Cinnamon® is a combination of a few experts who have excelled in their fields of cinnamon production / engineering, international finance and marketing.

Chairman / Director 

An Engineer by profession, Muditha possesses extensive experience in Biomedical Engineering, electronics, safety standards and technology applications.


He led healthcare technology management for three decades in Sri Lanka, acting as the Deputy Director General of the Department of Health and as the Director of Bio Medical Engineering Services Unit of the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka, prior to his retirement. At present, he also acts as a national and international consultant in healthcare technology management for governments and international agencies, including the World Health Organization.


He brings in his extensive engineering expertise to his family tradition of cinnamon industry to introduce revolutionary processing techniques, to improve and apply international best practices in quality and standards, and to acquire intellectual property rights for such commercial purposes, while ensuring wider cinnamon community participation to benefit from such practices. He has introduced several unique cinnamon products to the industry because of investments in research, development and technology acquisition.


He holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Electronics form  the St. Bartholomews Hospital Medical College, University of London, U.K. He also is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management,  U.K and holds I.Eng (U.K) and MIHEEM (U.K) qualifications.


Jagath possesses 20 years of international experience in development finance and project management of large road, expressway, seaport, airport, energy and water supply infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and other Pacific Islands.


He has worked at the Southern Development Authority of Sri Lanka, Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and is presently employed at a large Asia based international bank, where he has worked in Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Georgia and Fiji.


He holds a B.A. (Cum Laude) degree in International Business and Economics from Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan and an M.Sc degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, United Kingdom.


He also acts as the sole director / shareholder of Ce-Ko Developments (Pvt) Ltd and director of Latam Gateway S.A.C. (Peru).

Charaka Rajanayake

An expert in Brands & Marketing, and creation of digital platforms, Charaka possesses 20 years of experience in his chosen field.


He has worked as a senior executive and consultant for numerous multinational corporations in Sri Lanka, Fiji, and China.

He holds B.A. degree in Visual Arts & Design from the University of Kelaniya and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing from the Westford University College, U.K. and MBA in Business Management In addition, he also possesses other qualifications in Business Administration, Multimedia Development, Mass Communication, Environmental Journalism, Computer Studies and Visual and Graphic Design.


He also acts as the founder and Managing Director of C&C Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Fiji.

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